Explore M20 The Trifid Nebula

Messier 20


Messier 20 also known as the Trifid Nebula, is one of the most imaged and beautiful deep sky object in Sagittarius. The object has red emission, blue reflection and dark nebula in this one object.

The nebula has an open cluster in the middle. This is also an active star forming region. The Trifid is about 300,000 years old and about 9000 light years away.

M20 was discovered my Charles Messier on June 5, 1764.

I took this image at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. This is an IDA dark site with very little light pollution.

Processing Info

I stacked the 28 light frames along with 40 dark and 40 flat frames in PixInsight

The following processes were performed in PixInsight:

Once I found what I liked, I saved the files and went to Photoshop and ran Topaz AI DeNoise. This is an amazing plugin that works like magic.

The area of the sky in Sagittarius
Here you can see the area of the sky in Sagittarius imaged.

Acquisition Data