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IC 5146

Click here for an annotated version of this target.

IC5146 also known as the Cocoon Nebula is a reflection/emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. IC5146 is a stellar nurservy which is an active star forming region.

There is a dark nebula B168 that surrounds the cluster and forms a tail behind the Cocoon. IC5146 is about 4000 light years away and was first discoverd by Thomas Espin in 1899

This was captured at a quarter moon using an Optolong L-Pro 2" filter. I had to throw out an hour of data because N.I.N.A did not recenter the image after a meridian flip and the target was out of the field of view.

Processing Info

I went through the Blink process in PixInishgt and found the best 18 frames. Stacked them using Batch Preprocessing.

The following processes were performed in PixInsight:

Once I found what I liked, I saved the files and went to Photoshop and ran Topaz AI DeNoise. This is an amazing plugin that works like magic.

If anyone is curious here are the full res versions of the images.

The area of the sky in Cygnus
Here you can see the area of the sky in Cygnus imaged.

Acquisition Data